Friday, December 5, 2008

Tooth brushing techniques for geeks

The tooth brush industry seems to be the most dynamic there is. Every time I need to get a new one there is a whole new generation on the shelves. The classic "normal" ones are long gone.

Image by silent7seven

Now you can find weird flexible ones, dragon style tooth brushes that clean both sides of the mouth at the same time and tooth brushes with plastic extensions that massage your shoulders while you use them.

But isn't the conscientious usage the key here?

Yesterday I attended the GeekMeet in Stockholm. Mingling with people in between presentations by the wise redheaded Chris Heilmann, I noticed that even the geeks consider a bit overwhelming the amount of web tools that pop up every day.

Is this good or bad? I think it's like the tooth brushes. Get a fancy one or get a more classical one, but use it religiously.

One of the presentations was called Playing With The Web in which Chris advocates for reusing already built APIs and tools in web development. There are a couple of nice existing platforms to build upon out there. Using them gets even easier to make new products. And that's a good thing because it generates more options for us, the users.

But I think we're becoming sloppy in what we're doing. We're buying too many clothes and not using them, we're changing our mobile phones every other month for a newer model, even before using the one we have to the full potential and we're also just trying out new web tools without getting the best of those we already use.

Or maybe it's just me. I have to get this.


Nicusor said...

Somehow you are right. There are too many options now all over the world for all the aspects of our lives.


Trying new things, in the end, triggers the progress. Some of the toothbrushes are good for you, some are not. For some of them you need something in addition. Maybe you need a toothbrush with floss incorporated. You don’t know if you don’t try.

Becoming more extreme now for the sake of argument, why we are not still eating un-cooked meat? Why we are not still living in caves? Because somebody tried to put meat in the fire and realized that the taste is better.

The problem now is how to choose what is good for you and what is worth to try. Maybe you can help me with some hints several topics.


Paul Marculescu said...

Nicusor, trying things is good, I'm not an advocate for regress, no way. :)

I'm saying that it's a good practice to go beyond the surface for the tools we're trying.

Regarding your request, please follow our posts and I hope you'll find interesting things. We're also trying to show how we use various tools, like Gmail for instance.

Dentist Bradenton said...

I don't think that they fall under geeky toothbrush, but it can be placed as "creative toothbrush". Thanks for posting this.

Teddy said...

I am glad i came across this article about tooth brushes. I do agree with you when i go to the store to buy a new one, i stand there in AWWWW and say what one is the best one? which one should i get? there are hundreds to pick from now a days. And i think someone is stated, some of them are not good for your teeth, but how does the average shopper know this? Either way i am glad to find your posting, you have saved another GEEK with his next tooth brush purchase.