Friday, January 16, 2009

Managing project collaboration

I'm sometimes asked if Teamness is able to solve various specific project management issues, like financial resources dependencies or risk management.

Not really. Teamness is a project collaboration tool. It was born with the intent to help people gather their projects data in a centralized place, from where they would be able to share it with their colleagues.

Easy online project collaboration for teams is our tagline. Saying that I'm currently managing to collaborate on my projects using Teamness doesn't necessarily mean that Teamness is acting like a project management tool, in a way a CEO would see it.

Image by David

We're not building Teamness exclusively for people in suits, but also for the aspiring freelancer or members of a family who work together on home projects. You don't need a MBA to use it, but merely a Google or Yahoo account.

We want Teamness to be flexible enough to accommodate any collaborative task you're taking. After all, real work is done by real people, which in my opinion get motivated by awarding goals, not well connected Gantt charts.

Teamness has been working fine for our purpose so far. By using it, we see different aspects that need to be improved and we're adding them in the task list and we're open to suggestions and feedback.

However, Teamness was not designed with the intent to help a project manager manage her or his team, but to help a team manage their projects together.


Olivia said...

This is a good point. I am working also for a software company. We cannot expect or claim that any software tool, however peformant, replaces the human decision, management and interaction. These are only tools to support all these aspects. The better the tool is, and the most adopted by the user(s), the most successful the management / collaboration / interaction will be. Same goes for a project management tool and I found a very good support in teamness so far.

It may be from my spending too many years in software business - but every time I have a problem, I also picture a software that would help me more efficiently solve that problem.
Well of course no software can clean my cats´ toilet - at least not yet. :)

Paul Marculescu said...

Thanks for the comment, Olivia.

There are good tools and concepts to assist someone with the task of managing a team, but Teamness is not intended for such, at least not for now.

Teamness is an infant at the moment, being educated by his (or maybe her) parents, which are the users.