Saturday, July 19, 2008

Teamness is online

Teamness has launched and it's free. Check the website for screenshots and details about many of the features. We also included some videocasts showing how to use the main features.

Teamness strives to provide a human way of managing projects: simple scheduling, tasks and discussions on them, messages, writing documents together with your colleagues or clients. If you'd like to try it without signing up (which is extremely easy and fast, we mainly ask for login credentials) there is a demo account set up for you. Click on the "take a test drive" link, press login and you're inside.

Keep everything centralized with Teamness. No more documents scattered around emails, conversations lost in old messages over IM or email, the struggle of keeping a clean structure of what to do and of the deadlines. Your clients will be thrilled to see they're working with a neat partner.

Teamness may be used for all types of projects, not only web or IT related. School projects, home renovations, family projects, trips planning etc. It's also intended to be as accessible as possible and to offer project collaboration capabilities also to non-English speakers. Multi-language support is offered, momentarily only in English and Romanian, but French, German and Spanish translations are planned for the near future.

You may setup an account in Teamness for a future client and post draft of ideas, tasks, messages, presentation files. Send your proposal and include the URL and the login information. You'll be appreciated for sure for being already on the matter, even before getting the deal.

Teamness works around the basic ways one thinks about a project: what needs to be done and until when, agreements on different subjects, clarifying the issues that appear on the way and centralize everything. Teamness offers a fast and intuitive experience for this. No bloat. Milestones are used for deadlines, tasks for requirements, whiteboards for sharing and refining ideas.

Teamness incorporates useful technology in a way that helps you. RSS feeds are offered to help you stay informed without having to login into Teamness. Security wasn't ignored in this area, even though password protected RSS aggregators are not widespread at the moment. Read more about Teamness RSS security here. iCal integration provides you a lot of flexibility in how you may obtain your calendar data.

Sign up to Teamness and discover all the features by yourself. There is also searching, starring items, archiving projects and others. We have a lot of features planned, so please stay tuned (there is a RSS feed also for the news on this page).

Good luck with your work, hopefully managed with Teamness and please tell us what you think about it.