Thursday, April 2, 2009

IE6 - to support or not to support

Yesterday I was reading this post from the Pingdom blog. I forgot it was the 1st of April, so I thought they went mad.

I realized it's a joke when I saw the first testimonial on the SaveIE6 website mentioned in the post, testimonial written by a certain Steve B. Bangal, Inventor of spaghetti code.

Image by hashmil

First time I read about this call to action by Robert Nyman here. Robert is trying to convince web developers to stop writing special code for Internet Explorer 6. And when you want your web pages to look decent in IE6, you need to write special code. People call it hacks.

We didn't discuss yet if we're going to stop supporting Internet Explorer 6 in Teamness. It's very tempting to do it, given all the frustrations we've been through.

So far, we had 18% of the visits on the public website and 6.5% on the private one coming from IE6. The numbers are small, so I believe we can start the countdown for casting out the hacks.


Paul Marculescu said...

Here is a tutorial on how to make an IE voodoo doll. :D

Eduard said...

I think that even Microsoft wants the IE6 out(i need to check if they are giving support anymore for it) :) They are pushing now with IE8 but slowly they are loosing the market Firefox witch become the most used browser in Europe.

Now, for the business point of view..if 10 people out of 1000 are using IE6 and they bring me 50% from my income... :)