Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Built with what?

I was curious about the server side platforms of some websites I visited recently:

LinkedIn - J2EE
Flickr- PHP
NikonUSA - J2EE
Ebay - Java
Blogspot - Google Front End
Youtube - PHP
Wikipedia - PHP
Stackoverflow - ASP.NET
StumbleUpon - PHP
Twitter - Ruby On Rails
Digg - PHP
TheFreeDictionary - ASP.NET - PHP

A big help came from BuiltWith, a technology information profiler tool. It doesn't limit itself to only the framework (which sometimes it doesn't get), but also to the tools used for analytics and tracking, javascript libraries, CDN solutions and more.

One can also see a list of websites using a certain technology. For instance here is some information related to ASP.NET, including a chart that displays the penetration of the technology over a time period on a set of websites queried by BuiltWith.

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