Monday, November 24, 2008

Do you want to be satisfied?

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We gave our forum up. We concluded it's a bit complex, a bit old fashioned and it was a different application from Teamness, which also needed maintenance.

So what does one in today's web world, when tools appear everyday for every need, do to offer a solution for its users to ask questions and interact? The answer could be outsourcing and this is what we chose. It means that we're now using another service to provide a way for customer support. This service is GetSatisfaction.

First of all, I think the name of this service is brilliant. You may create enticing phrases, like the one in the title, when you mention that you're using it. But besides that, they come with a bunch of cool features that make the service look like a forum on steroids.

Getsatisfaction offers a win-win situation, regarding customers and providers.

The former can go to a central point and see what other users are saying, interact with other customers, share opinions and so on. Like in a forum, but with a couple of twists.

The latter can get feedback in a structured way. For instance, if one person asks a question, others can simply click a button saying "I have this question too", increasing the number of people who would like an answer on the matter. So a company may answer a question once, instead of replying to a lot of emails. The same goes for ideas, praises and problems.

When you register a company or a service in GetSatisfaction, it gets assigned the URL Therefore I wonder what would happen if decided they want to use the service, since the page contains the story behind the tool.

We're really excited about the features offered by GetSatisfaction and we're curious how it will work for our customer support in the future. In other words, we're really excited to get satisfaction. (I told you the name is brilliant.)

So please, if you have any question or complain or suggestion or even praise about Teamness, use this link to get satisfied.

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Paul Marculescu said...

I found this video on their blog a few days ago.

Louis C.K. talks about todays "great expectation" people have from technology nowadays and it's so funny that he even made Conan O'Brien keep silent for 4 minutes. :D