Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Twitter pals

We are big fans of Twitter and with its growing popularity we believe it's a very good tool to make contacts. We recently started using Twitter to promote Teamness through it and we try to stay focused on this purpose, without being obtrusive. At the same time we watch what other people are doing and writing about.

To make our Twitter life easier, we're using a couple of related tools and in this post I'm going to list them with a short description:

Twitter Search
We mentioned Twitter Search already in this post, writing about the way we use it to stay up to date with Teamness being mentioned in the tweets.

When you include an URL into an update, Twitter converts it to a short one using TinyUrl. Tweetburner does the same thing, only that it tracks the links your URL receives. This way you would know how many people clicked on the URLs in your messages.

With FriendOrFollow you may easily see who you're following that's not following you back and who's following you that you're not following back. You may also see your mutual follow contacts. It's a fast way to follow back at interesting people who are following you already.

Tweet Scan searches Twitter and other micro blogging services and delivers reports on email or RSS.

This tool shows you how popular you are on Twitter. You'll get a nice graph with the daily status of your followers, so you'll see how many more are following you day after day. Or, sadly, how many stopped following you.

Yoono is a browser add-on that aggregates social networking information and keeps it in one place. It comes in very handy especially if you're active on a few social networks and you want to handle all of them from one place.

No matter what are the tools used, make sure you use Twitter for business the right way. As written in the post, it's more valuable to actually interact with people than hastily promoting your products.

Here is another list of Twitter related services and in this post you'll find a presentation of five ways to connect to people on Twitter.


cteodor said...

That's a good wrap-up of some very useful tools. Apart from search and yoono I wasn't quite familiar with the other ones.

It's really worth suggesting your post to on tweeting matters :-)

Paul Marculescu said...

Teodor, thanks for the comment.

There is a gazillion Twitter related services out there. This post listed only the ones we've been using so far.

Hehe, I think lifehacker is pretty fine with the list of over 70 posts about Twitter. :)

Olivia said...

I tried to read the whole thing about twitter, then I went to the site, and I dropped down immediately.
Are we not over-reacting with this social-web things? I mean, is it not a bit too much to let all the web-world know, what I am doing right now? That I am eating soup or feeding the cats?
That´s what also gets me puzzled about facebook. I am using facebook, linkedin, xing.. it´s a pain even to remember my each user and passwords. On facebook, I am always surprized to see some of the work colleagues I don´t know so well, posting really personal info about them, or personal photos. I just don´t get it :)
I like my privacy, so I won´t use twitter.
But if for you guys it serves the purpose of bringing more visitors to the site, I am glad :)

Paul Marculescu said...


Hi and thanks for the comment.

Twitter is a microblogging platform and, as it's the case with a blog, you may decide if you want to use it and what you want to write in there.

When you have a certain number of contacts that you follow, it cam become like a dinner conversation:
"Everyone is chatting, there's a lot being said, and if you're not focused on a particular conversation, it sounds downright noisy."

If you have problems remembering all the user/password pairs for the websites you're using, you'll be happy to know that Teamness now supports delegated authentication mechanisms through Google and Yahoo. We have a post about it here. :)