Monday, December 8, 2008

5 options for text delight with Wordle

The image below contains the 20 most used words on this blog. It's made with Wordle, a tool that generates word clouds from text.

At first glance it can be considered fun and that's it. But the useful thing about Wordle is that it actually points out the essence of a text collection.

Here are 5 ways in which Wordle may be used:

1. Writing habits
Find out if you repeat too much some specific words when writing a blog post.

2. The gist of an article
Copy and paste the text from an article or a blog post in Wordle and you can see a word summary.

3. See the word core of a blog
Paste the URL of a blog in Wordle and it will build the word cloud from that blog. This is how I generated the first image.

4. Display text with various sizes
Using Wordle advanced, you may input word-weight and colors for the text, to get various sizes which may be used for different purposes, like a business card:
5. Educational
This post contains a few useful hints for educational usage of Wordle.

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