Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yet another Geek Meet

Thursday evening I attended my second Geek Meet in Stockholm, organized in bwin's offices near the Cityterminalen. The previous one took place on December 4th and I mentioned it in this post.

This geek meet featured 2 presentations by Mark Wubben and chili con carne. The chili was good, but I think the presentations were in need for a little bit of a twist. The topics discussed by Mark were typography and sIFR in the first part, and ubiquitous computing, including examples of how RFID may be used in daily life, in the second part.

We worked with sIFR 2 in Teamness and because of this it was easy to understand and follow Mark's code examples dealing with sIFR 3. But I would've liked to see more working examples and differences between good and bad ways of applying it on a web page.

Mark was amused about how other new typography tools aim at becoming sIFR replacements, which is a funny thing to aim for, since sIFR itself is a hacking alternative.

Second presentation managed to keep the beer-sipping geeks more attentive, due to inclusion of videos and real life examples from Mark's work in the area.

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